Feral Fixers brought in 36 more cats to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic yesterday to be fixed. Feral Fixers President Tammy gives us the details:

36 cats

16 ferals

20 friendlies

13 males

23 females

One friendly had URI and was declined.

One friendly had a hernia which was repaired.

One friendly had severe pyometra and her spay probably saved her life. She also has FeLV, overall has been doing well and is 5 years old with hopefully many more to come.

A feral was trapped overnight and managed to get in on the trip today (Thursday), arriving at 8:10 to be labeled and sent on her way!

Charli and Jennifer transported in the AM. Heather and Tammy transported in PM. I end up transporting due to emergencies about twice a year - enough to say hello to everyone at PAWS and renew connections but with everything else it's a bit too much!

35 today, 170 for the month, 569 for the year and 7,847 since the beginning.

Thanks Charli! Thanks Jennifer! Thanks Heather! And Thanks (for everything) Tammy!

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