Feral Fixers brought in 33 more cats to the "PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic on Thursday to be fixed. Feral Fixers Tammy gives us the trip details:

Charli & Debbie made the AM trip. There was not an inch to spare in their vehicles, we maxed them out!

Rita & Judy & Heather made the PM pickup.

It was a late night, they weren't even supposed to be there til 6PM and traffic was really bad for some reason, so they got back to my house at 8:20 = late.

Everyone stood around swatting the enormous number of mosquitoes the rains have brought while the copies were made.

10 friendlies

23 ferals

18 females

15 males

One feral was already neutered and chipped, we'll find out where he came from tomorrow, he isn't one of "ours."

One of our ferals had a huge abscess under his eye which PAWS flushed and he got a convenia shot, we'll hold onto him at least an extra day and see if the inflammation goes down quickly.

Klementine, who gave birth at PAWS seven weeks ago, went for her return trip to be spayed - her six beautiful kittens are now in a West Suburban Humane Society foster. So strange to see them when they are just 2 inches long and just a few ounces and then all of a sudden they are over a pound and furry and hissy because they are scared :)!

Heather is working on TNR in Aurora, we often get called on hoarder cases and I told her she had passed another milestone when she had "kittens drop on her from the ceiling" in the house. Until you hear it happened to someone else, you don't realize what a unique club you've joined! Sometimes in a hoarder house, the moms have nowhere else safe to take their kittens.

32 this trip, 90 for the month, 399 for the year, 7,677 from the beginning.

And a huge "Thank You" to our super-volunteers Charli, Debbie, Rita, Judy and Heather!

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