Tammy tells us about a kitten who made a very memorable impression...

A week ago Monday a female was trapped in Glendale Heights. She was in the trip to PAWS last Thursday. Unfortunately, her lone kitten took up residence under a shed - which took a couple days to find out. Once located, the kitten was trapped yesterday. Minerva is an extremely cute approximately 7 week old torbie.

Soon after this picture was taken of her in the trap, she was out and being snuggled. Later, in the evening, during a second bout of snuggling, I heard a rumble. Nope, not a growl, much more intense than a purr. Luckily, upon hearing the sound, I lifted her from the crook of my neck just in time for my whole shoulder to be anointed with diarrhea - gray & black, liquid shooting out on me, the floor, the table nearby. Apparently it was quite a sight!

Minerva will be thoroughly dewormed, have a stable diet (who knows what she ate!) and be none the worse for wear. I've been pooped on but never showered with it before! Minerva may be going to a shelter, but she is one of the many kittens we will be needing foster for!

(Click on the picture thumbnail of Minerva to see a full-size picture)

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