Yesterday, March 7th, Feral Fixers held another Adoption Event at the PetSmart in Rice Lake Square in Wheaton. Feral Fixers Board Member Sue, in charge of Feral Fixers adoptions, fills us in with the details:

Thanks to all we had another very successful adoption event today! 17 cats & kittens were in attendance, and 2 kittens were adopted - Cedar & Strauss. Cedar will be a companion for a 7 yr old boy together with a 6 mo old torti girl that they adopted elsewhere. We are hoping that the torti girl will bring Cedar further out of his shell. Strauss will be a companion for a 14 yr old girl, who will give him lots of attention.

There were many other folks that stopped by, visit our web site or Facebook page regularly, and are still thinking about it. Hopefully some of these folks will end up taking one of our babies home! It seems the warmer weather brought people out of hibernation.

Many thanks to the volunteers that helped with this event, including Lauren, Debbie, Joanna, and Cathi. I understand that Joanna & Cathi provided photo updates to Connie - thank you! I was a bit worried initially as I started the set-up alone, but Lauren arrived quickly and was a huge help, together with Mike & Jennifer. Judy was also there for a good portion of the event, helping to counsel folks, which is very critical - thanks Judy. Tammy also stopped by and provided her support.

Also, many thanks to the foster families that brought their kittens/cats to this event, specifically Joanna, Jennifer & Mike, Judy P, Judy W, Robin, Kim, Cheri and Gillian. Special thanks to those that were able to stay for all or a portion of the event, including Joanna, Jennifer & Mike, Robin & Kim. Fortunately, the foster moms of both of the kittens adopted were able to interact with the adoptive parents prior to the adoption.

Thanks also to Mike, who updated our binder of photos & bios, and made a special trip to bring it to the event.

Everyone's help is truly appreciated. It is you that make these events successful!

Thank you Sue and thanks to everyone who helped out!

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