I recently posted that I thought we were done getting cats fixed for this year - silly me... Tammy fills us in on the latest adventure...

I had heard that Kurt might be in town, so when I got a call for a kitten in "his" area, I asked him to look into it.

This was a kitten that was trying to get into the house of some brand new owners, moving in. The kitten would not have been such a problem except the two children in the house were terribly allergic - hives all over their bodies level. Kitten was reported to be handleable.

Kurt came, luckily with equipment because the kitten took one look at him and took off into a sewer. Upon investigation, Kurt found a shed with litter boxes and when he walked into it, cats popped up. He came out, they took off. He went in, there they were again. Clearly they had been fed in the shed by the previous owners of the house and they did not let anyone know about the cats before they left. Kurt set a trap, one went in, another followed but neither set off the trap until Kurt managed to circle around and touch the butt of the second cat and slam! they set off the trap. These were not the target kitten but two older - about 6 months - kittens. Kurt quickly found that they were not very feral at all. Luckily he was going to be around thru Sunday - he took them to PAWS for s/n as friendlies. One had URI starting and could not have surgery, the other, thought to be a female was a double cryptorchid - both testicles had not descended. So, we can add one friendly male to our totals and the female will wait til she had fully recovered and our next trip in - not for several weeks now. Theodore and Thea are now in foster.

With this cat we have neutered 36 so far in December, 1,289 for the year and 7,276 since we began. And, we spoke too soon, we're not ready to give our final numbers for the year yet - in addition to Theodore, a kitten is having surgery on the 29th to have an eye removed and will be neutered at the same time - so stay tuned.

Thanks Tammy!

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