Don't forget - today is the last day you can donate to the 2014 #GivingTuesday Black Cat Fundraiser. From the fundraising flyer:

Lurdes is an older black kitten that came from hard circumstances. The colony had been fed lower quality food for years and as a result the kittens had many health challenges. We worked thru upper respiratory and digestive issues and Lurdes is now a very healthy kitty – despite some food allergies. She probably would not have survived to the great age of 9 months if she were still outside, so we are very happy that she decided to give being friendly a chance! This year there have been hundreds of cats and kittens deciding to become a pet, all over DuPage County, not just for Feral Fixers. Lurdes is awaiting adoption into her own forever home, where she can get the tummy rubs she loves and playing with new cat friends!

To celebrate Lurdes, and black cats in general, anonymous donors have come forward with a pledge for $5,000 in matching funds! Matching donations of $5,000 would help us provide spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, support to feral cat caretakers with food and medical needs for ferals and foster costs for friendly cats until they can be adopted – like Lurdes! Black cats are very special and extra-loving but can take a long time to find their forever homes, we’re here to help them, no matter how long it takes!"

Thank you so much for your ongoing support - every dollar makes a difference.

Click here to make a donation - thank you again.

(Click on the thumbnail of Lurdes to see a full-size picture)

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