On Saturday, Feral Fixers held an Adoption Event at KRiSERS. Feral Fixers Board member and Adoption coordinator Sue gives us the details:

Just a quick note from our adoption event today - It was a terrific event. The folks at Kriser's are extremely supportive and welcoming. Many thanks for their hospitality and donations!

We had 21 kittens at the event. Everyone did very well. Most of the kittens spent the day curled up in their cages. Logan and Duma were playing and wrestling non-stop, as usual. Ralphie and his brothers were in the front cage and served as our greeters.

Ralphie started the event by talking up a storm. This got him the attention he needed to find his forever home with a wonderful couple from West Chicago, who have 2 other cats, and were still recovering from the loss of another cat in July. Marian snuggled her way into a potential adopters arm and they put a hold on her. Julie's "P" kittens were very popular partly because they are very cute and social, and partly because Julie did a fabulous job of promoting them! Holds were placed on 2 of them. Logan & Duma also pulled on the heartstrings of a couple who is still thinking about it. So 1 same day adoption, 3 serious holds, and 2 maybes.

Many thanks to Toni, Arlene, Laurel and Debbie for helping out with the event. This was Laurel's first event and she is a natural!!

Many thanks to the foster moms that brought their kittens to the event, including Diane, Joanna, Robin, Julie, Cheri, JeAnne and Haley.

Thanks to Judy for stopping by and thanks to Mike for updating the binder.

This was our last adoption event of 2014. Kriser's asked when we would be back. So I will work to set something up there or at PetSmart in January. If things are like last year, the on-line activity should be pretty high for the next month, so let's keep our fingers crossed that several of our kittens will find there forever homes that way.

Take care and Happy Holidays!


Thanks Sue!

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