Feral Fixers sent in four more cats to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic on Tuesday. Feral Fixer President Tammy gives us the details:

A Huge Thank You to PAWS for letting us squeeze in a few more cats on Tuesday! Four cats, 3 friendlies and one feral were transported by Charli in the AM and Dedra in the PM. Our totals stand at 133 for November, 1253 for the year and 7,240 since the beginning. Our last trip for the year will be in mid-December, but NO more ferals that would have to be returned outdoors! Just not fair to them!

We have plenty to keep us busy until Spring - paperwork, getting ready for events, all the small details that fall behind the rest of the year!

Happy Thanksgiving!"

Thanks Charli! Thanks Dedra!

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