It appears that yesterday's Feral Fixers - PetsMart adoption event was quite the success! Feral Fixers Board Member and Adoption Coordinator Sue gives us the details:

Wow - Did we have a busy day today! I couldn't believe it when someone mentioned that it was 3pm already!

3 pre-approved adopters came in and adopted 4 kittens. Heather found her forever home with a wonderful lady from Bolingbrook. Skylar & Smirnoff were adopted by a great dad & teenage daughter from Schaumburg. Sully went home with a terrific lady also from Schaumburg.

We also had several more potential adopters that I am following up with, including a family interested in Luna & SuZanna, a couple interested in Salerno as a companion for their bunny, and another family with 2 young daughters interested in Enna.

All kittens were well behaved and did very well. Volunteers and foster moms were outstanding, as always.

Special thanks to Arlene and Lauren for all of their help with the set-up and clean-up as well as during the event - it was a long day. Thanks to Toni for transporting some kittens to the event and helping with the set-up and during the event. Special thanks to Joanna for helping with much of the adoption counseling during the event.

Thanks to all of the foster moms that brought or arranged to have their kittens brought to the event, many of whom stayed to help meet with potential adopters, including Joanna, Bethany, Diana, Ania, Amaris, Susan, Monica and Cheri.

Thanks also to Judy and Tammy for stopping by and helping, and bringing some supplies. Thanks to Mike for updating the binder, which was referenced by several potential adopters. Thanks to Meggie to for stopping by and taking photos, so a few more kittens can be posted.

We are a great team! Hopefully we can keep the adoptions rolling through the holidays. Our next adoption events are:

  • Sunday, 11/16, at PetSmart in Rice Lake Square in Wheaton, 11am-3pm (this is changed from Saturday, 11/15)
  • Saturday, 12/6, at Kriser's in Glen Ellyn, 11am-3pm

Thanks to all and stay warm!


Thank you Sue and thank you to everyone, especially the Fosters, who helped make this all possible!

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