Feral Fixers brought in another load of cats to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic to be fixed yesterday. Feral Fixers president Tammy gives us the details:

Cathi & Charli took cats in AM

Rita & Judy & Dedra picked cats up in PM

10 friendlies and 23 ferals

We started the day with 33 expected to go. One kitten had loose poops so was a drop out.

33 - 1 = 32.

Got a call at 9 AM. Someone did not pay attention to instructions and had several feral cats in hand. Not wanting to hold onto them, I contacted PAWS and, if we could get them there in time, these cats could have surgery, too. This is a huge exception and we (and the cats) are very grateful! Turned out to be two adults and two 4.5 wk old KITTENS. Dedra drove in a bit early and PAWS was able to put the adults thru at the end of the day!

32 + 2 = 34

Upon exam, one kitten was determined to be too small for surgery, two had runny noses and one female was already spayed.

34 - 1 - 2 - 1 = 30

We ended the day with 14 females and 16 males, bringing our month total to 174, yearly total to 1,116 and our grand total to 7,092. Highest total for any October and 4th? highest total for a month in all.

Not sure how we could keep track of our friendly cat impact for this week - the spayed female from today is clearly friendly, we also picked up a four-paw declaw calico who is just wonderful, the two 4.5 week olds (one with bad eye) from today, 3 eight week olds that are still a little hissy spitty, don't have it in hand yet but there's a kitten under some storage containers at a Walmart that we hope to trap, and so on and so on.

Our thanks to everyone who makes this all possible!

Thanks Tammy!

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