There are now TWO ways where you can walk your dog (or your cat or your pig or your gila monster or whatever companion you may have) and benefit Feral Fixers. Both ResQWalk and WoofTrax offer applications that you can install on your iPhone or Android (ResQWalk Android application coming any day now) and use to keep track of your walking distance. If you specify Feral Fixers as your charity of choice, the mileage you walk will be added to the Feral Fixers totals. At the end of each competition period (usually weekly), the animal rescue groups with the greatest amount of mileage are awarded cash gifts.

Feral Fixers has already been the recipient of a couple of these prizes and we could certainly use some more!

So, if you walk your pet, why not benefit Feral Fixers at the same time?

Please, visit the ResQWalk or WoofTrax websites, download the app to your smartphone and WALK YOUR DOG!

The links to the ResQWalk and WoofTrax applications can also be found on the left side of the webpage, near the bottom, just above the "Find us on Instragram" logo. Just click on the ResQWalk or WoofTrax logo and you'll be connected with their website.

Thank you!

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