One of "our" cats turned up, injured, at the Wheatland Animal Hospital - Feral Fixers president Tammy tells us the story:

We got a call from Wheatland Animal Hospital last week that one of the cats that we had TNR'd was brought in by a Good Samaritan with an injured paw. They were making sure she did not have an owner and that they could treat her. We heard today that they had to amputate the leg, the injury was so severe and she has been coming around to being friendly, starting to purr - Tiffany had not been willing to be friendly while she was "in hand" - and a client with experience in bringing in feral cats is going to adopt her.

This is the same location that Tillman came from - those cats have gone thru a lot but seem to be lucking out in the end! We would like to thank Wheatland for their efforts for Tiffany! What a great bunch of caring people!

Thank you Tammy and THANK YOU Wheatland Animal Hospital!

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