Last Saturday, September 27th, Feral Fixers held another adoption event, this in conjunction with 5th Annual Two Bostons Adopt-A-Rama!

Feral Fixers Board Member and Adoption Coordinator Sue gives us the details:

Well, it certainly was warmer than expected at the Two Bostons event today, although the kitties stayed reasonably cool in the van and under the tent. The event was generally well attended and included on the order of 15 rescues, mostly dogs, as well as other vendors of pet related items.

We got a good spot right at the entrance. We had 10-12 kittens in cages in my van and 7-9 kittens in cages under the tent for a total of 17 kittens. Some kittens were a little frightened with all of the commotion, loud music and dogs, but a couple of the younger litters really enjoyed all of the excitement. All in all everyone did great, considering the challenging environment.

Potential adoption leads were a bit slow. We do have an application complete for Casio, which I will follow up with on Monday, as well an interested adopter for Tillman, and another gal who is generally interested, but has not yet chosen a specific kitten. Hopefully these will result in some adoptions.

We also got several compliments and donations for our good work.

Many thanks to all who helped out with this event - Bernie, Arlene, Lauren, Meggie and Jennifer W.

Many thanks to the foster moms who brought their babies to the event and many of whom stayed to help - Bethany, Mary Rosa, Julie, Jennifer R, JeAnne & Haley, and Linda.

Our next adoption event will be Saturday, 10/18, at PetSmart in Rice Lake Square in Wheaton.

Thanks much all,


Thank you Sue and thanks to everyone who helped out!

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