Last Sunday, Feral Fixers held another of its Adoption Events at the PetSmart located in Rice Lake Square in Wheaton. This particular event was in conjunction with PetSmart's National Adoption Weekend event.

Feral Fixers Board Member and Adoption Coordinator Sue gives us the details:

The event today was terrific - very busy! We had 27 kittens at the event!

We adopted out 4 kittens at the event to pre-approved adopters - May, Dot (together), Primrose & Wyatt.

We also have 5 other potential adopters that completed applications. We will be working on their vet checks and final approvals. One gal is interested in 1 or 2 females. Rue, Lilly & Penny are her favorites. We also have other families interested in Thumper, Enna and Duff. Another adopter is deciding on a male kitten with Basil and Salerno as two of her favorites.

So all-in-all a very good day!

Many thanks to the many wonderful volunteers - Berni, Arlene, Toni, Debbie, Lauren.

Many thanks to the foster families, some of whom, stayed for the event - Cheri, Lori, Monica, Heather, Amaris, Nick, Amy, Lisa.

Many thanks to Judy for stopping by and helping out.

We also turned in 12 PetSmart forms today for the National Adoption Weekend!

Our next event is Saturday, 9/27, at Two Bostons, Springbrook Shopping Center, 2523 W. 75th St, Naperville, 12-3pm, set-up at 10am. It will be a big outdoor event. We will have a tent and kittens in cages in my van.

Thank you everyone and especially, Thank You Sue!

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