A bit behind on posting this; Feral Fixers was invited to the annual PetSmart Charities National Adoption Weekend on May 3rd. Sue Lee, Feral Fixers Board Member, attended this event on behalf of Feral Fixers and gives us the following information about it:

Feral Fixers was invited to participate in PetSmart's National Adoption Event today at the Danada Square store in Wheaton. The event included food, music, a cupcake truck, a visit by the fire department, and participation by a car dealership and multiple animal rescues. The adoptable dogs were featured in tents in the parking lot, and the adoptable cats were shown in the store.

While we were tucked away a bit from the main aisle and did not get a lot of foot traffic, it turned out to be a very successful day. We had several interested folks stop by and were successful in putting holds on both of the girls we brought - Bonnie, a very social 9 month old tuxedo girl, and Cherise, a very sweet 2 year old gray tabby girl. I am following up with the potential adopters who seem like wonderful families. We also directed several folks to our web site of adoptable cats & kittens.

I would like to thank Debbie Mostowski, who helped me throughtout the event, Joanna and her husband who helped us for several hours, and Maureen, who transported Bonnie to the event.

I would also like to thank Nathan, Tim and Mike, the PetSmart store managers, who were very welcoming to Feral Fixers, and in fact, invited us to come back as many weekends as we would like for adoption events! This invitation will become particularly handy in July, August and September when we hit kitten season. Now we just need volunteers to help us staff these events. If you have some time on a Saturday or Sunday and would be interested in helping, please send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Special Thanks to Debbie Dolecky for taking pictures of this event.

Thanks Sue!

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