If you've been keeping tabs on us, you've seen the dozens and dozens of kittens and cats that have been in our fosters. And you know how much kittens eat AND poop! In order to keep these guys well fed and healthy, we use the same food and litter for all of them if we can. And we use coupons and shop around as much as possible but we could really use a re-stock! Fosters are hard to find, if you can't foster, help us keep the ones we have supplied with the essentials!


  • Special Kitty clay cat litter (Walmart)
  • Friskies pate type canned food (Walmart on Rt 83 has the best price for the big cans!)
  • Purina Kitten Chow (any size bag, but we go thru the big ones pretty fast!)

We have a storage locker that is almost empty right now - please help us stock up!!!

We will be at an event every weekend thru September, feel free to drop off donations with us at those events or contact us and we'll make arrangements. If you do a donation drive at your work, school, neighborhood - we will pick up donations!

Please help us continue to make a huge difference!

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