Just a brief note at the end of a long day...

The Shop4Strays event held today was, I can confidently say, the best one yet - each year these events get better and better. We had over a dozen Vendors and a large crowd of people who paid their way in to visit them and peruse their wares...

Feral Fixers raised a lot of money today, and with the recent flooding debacle at Tammy's house, this money is sorely needed. Even more, we had many donations today of cat food, cat litter, cleaning supplies, blankets, etc., etc., etc. and all of these items will be put to good use.

All of the Vendors donated items for the Raffle and we thank them sincerely for their efforts in showing up and in donating Raffle items. The big raffle item 'sold' today was of a hand-made cat tree, the sturdiest such tree I have ever seen. It was very heavy to move and lift, but the lucky cats in whose house this Cat Tree will reside will enjoy it very much. Congratulations to Maureen Gilhooly, the winner in the Cat Tree Raffle!

Thanks to all who helped plan this event and then did the grunt work in making everything happen. And thank you to all of the 'customers' who showed up today and donated to Feral Fixers and bought items from our Vendors. And thank you, again, to all of the Vendors who where there today - we had a broad mix of Vendor types and there was something there for everyone.

And thank you again, all of you supporters of Feral Fixers. We've said it before and we'll say it again: WE COULDN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOU!

(Picture thumbnail is of Maureen Gilhooly and her new Cat Tree - click on the thumbnail to view a full-size version of the picture.)

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