The False Information That Won’t Die

Recently, the Smithsonian printed misleading and false information about feral predation on birds – so false that the author of the article was terminated. But, just like when a disclaimer gets printed on page 32, the original information is circulated again and again. This article in the Journal of American Veterinary Medicine is the latest instance of copycat journalistic laziness. What is interesting is that their headquarters is right in Schaumburg – not even a long-distance phone call! The contact information is available in the banner above the article – follow “contact us” and feel free to comment on what was supposed to be an impartial pro/con article on feral cats. Shame on R. Scott Nolen and shame on his editors for repeating the same old drivel! No wonder vets are scared to have ferals in their practices when a resource that states “We Are Veterinary Medicine” claims that ferals are responsible for millions of bird and wildlife death. Please take the time to read the article and make your feelings known. If we can’t influence the “locals”.....

Children Are Our Future

I would like to single out one of our donors – Nora is the daughter of one of our long-time fosters. She loves cats so much! She supports Feral Fixers by doing impromptu fundraisers, the latest of which was in honor of her birthday. Nora donated $131 of her birthday money to Feral Fixers! Thank you, Nora!

Busy, As Always!

We have a few events going on currently and more coming up!

We’d like to thank our friends at Stella & Chewy’s for their offer to make a donation from all the sales in the month of April at Natural Pet Market in Wheaton. Natural Pet Market is a great place to stop in and learn a lot about food options that aren’t on the shelves of some of the other pet food vendors! No coupon necessary, its automatic with purchase!

Our Feral Fixers’ Bazaar “Shop 4 Strays” is imminent! Where else can you shop such a variety of home party vendors, the Feral Fixers Boutique AND our fabulous Bake Sale at one time! Nowhere else! As always, Feral Fixers volunteers will be on hand to answer questions, so come, hang out, have some coffee & shop!

Our Petco Foundation “Life Is Better Together” fundraiser is still going til April 29th. Emphasis on “fundraiser” - you vote with your donation. We have a team of animals, under VIEW PHOTOS, enter Feral Fixers and all the options appear! We have some really cuties! They all have a story, check them out and vote! We need to raise $1500 by the 29th or all of the money we have raised goes into a big pool, and we would only receive it if picked in a drawing. So pass the information on to your friends and family!

Keeping Pace With Last Year

We are, at this writing, one shy of the total number of cats neutered at the end of April last year. I expected us to be slowing down, but people really do not want their ferals to have kittens! This is great news! We are crossing our fingers as usually the shelters are awash in kittens by now and that is not the case yet! Yea!!!

I have to tell you about a recent trapping experience. I rarely GET to go out trapping myself anymore, there’s just too much to do! But, for this location, there wasn’t anyone who could go this far, in this direction. Sue was stopping at a barn to leave food for the cats and was concerned about how many kittens would be born if they did not get TNR’d. She was sure there were 17 cats, she had counted that many. So, I brought 18 traps with and made contingency plans for someone to come later and take filled traps away and bring more empties, just in case. We trapped 14 cats before we called it an afternoon – it was time to address the peeping of kittens that I had heard off and on. By then (super volunteer) Judy had arrived with the drop trap that she had been sure would be needed. She and (super volunteer) Ted had been on a project even further out in the boonies and I had asked that they stop and check on the situation on their way back. We were pretty certain which was the mother of the kittens, having seen her jumping out of the trough in which 3 kittens were screaming, barely a day old in the small amount of straw they were laying in, soooo cold. We set up the drop trap, put the kittens in a bowl with “their” straw, warmed them in the car periodically and finally! got the mom! That was definitely enough for that day. The next day, Judy and I came back with the drop trap and with Sue’s help, got 8 more cats before the remaining cats would no longer come out of hiding to check on what was going on. We knew there were more. Over the next 5 days, Sue trapped the remaining 9 cats. Yes, 14 + 1 + 8 + 9 = 32 cats & 3 kittens. Mom had a rocky start, but is doing well with the kittens now. And we have a new trapper in Sue who has gotten the TNR bug and is willing to help with locations in her area! With 14 adult females, you do the math, there could have been 50 – 60 kittens born there this Spring! Great job, Sue!

As always, we thank everyone who donate their time and money to making Feral Fixers a success!

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