Our Newest “Big Thing”

We apply for grants all the time. We applied for the HSUS Spay Day grant and while we did not receive one, we are one of 25 non-profits across the country that are taking part in the United States' World Spay Day 2013 Pet Pageant! And we are one of only two in Illinois. When participants enter their pet’s photos, they make a donation. After the Pageant is over, those donations are then split 25 ways! If you look at the list, these are all worthwhile organizations so this is a win-win for the animals. And the participants can win in their categories. Donaghy Burton has pledged his winnings to Feral Fixers! He is currently in 3rd place – a dog that loves cats! Honestly, he’s getting my vote every day! There are prizes for pets that don’t have the most votes, the judges are allowed to select photos in the Judges Choice Award! Reading the entries and voting is a lot of fun and posting pictures of your pets to share with everyone can create a lasting memory! (Click here to vote for Donaghy Burton)

We will be neutering as many cats as we can (as soon as the weather allows) to make a difference for the entire month of February! and of course – beyond, because a neuter now is worth how many in the future? Check out our Spay Day plans on the list of Participating Organizations and think about volunteering, this month or in the future!

Frosty Claws Recap

Wow! What a crowd! We had at least 173 attendees (not counting volunteers) and they had a great time socializing, enjoying the food, shopping, raffling and bidding! Many people sent their regrets at being unable to attend.

One of the coolest things was to hear that people had come to spend and donate because we had helped them when they had no money, could not neuter their ferals and we got it done for them – now they were in a position to donate for other cats and they felt really good about that.

We had several attendees that had been at the first-ever Frosty Claws – we were happy to have 30 or so people at that one – and could not believe what a difference had occurred in five years!

We really do need a new location for next year, we’ve maxed out the VFW hall for this event. If you know of a hall that would accommodate 300+, has tables on-site, a kitchen area and is affordable of course, please pass that info along! We always have the event at the beginning of January (its supposed to be our down time) and now is not too soon to reserve a space!

We do hope everyone had a really great time and look forward to seeing you all again!

DuPage County Animal Care and Control

I’m trying to make an effort to put that “Care” in their title these days. They euthanized only 5 cats for cage space in all of 2012. That is phenomenal compared to previous years when it was several hundred in one year. They are giving Feral Fixers a lot of credit for helping with this, which in itself is phenomenal. When I walk in to the facility it really does have a different feel and I think that great things are on the way. Next is no cats euthanized for cage space and then, who knows, no cats euthanized for illness? The volume that DPACC deals with is huge, but if all the organizations in DuPage pull together, it is a bright future for cats!

Start Up

We did say that we would start TNR as of March 1st. We’ve sent in a few friendlies in January so far, but ferals need to have overnight temperatures well above freezing after being neutered. So, we’re waiting for that unless the cats are indoors most of the time, in a garage, etc. And we are crossing our fingers big time that the warmer temperatures did not result in earlier litters. You’ve heard that phrase, “rock and a hard place?” We would really like to neuter over 100 cats in February but time is running out.

But as soon as we can, we will be hitting the ground running, so be patient and if you have to call us back to make sure you are on our radar, so be it!

Feral Fixers Bazaar “Shop 4 Strays”

Our “Shop 4 Strays” event is slated for April 21st at the Villa Park VFW Hall. If you are a home party consultant hoping to expand your client base, please contact us! We have room for about 15 vendors, give or take and we will be having a Bake Sale that day which draws people in that hadn’t even heard about the event before seeing the signs and decorations. Consultants have enjoyed our past Bazaars – “You have the nicest people show up!” Reserve your table, send us your logos so that we can advertise your participation and join us for a good time!

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