Feral Fixers is always in need of basic supply items, such as kitty litter, cat food, copy paper, etc. Needed supplies are detailed on our Want to Help -> Buy Something! page.

Some of you may not know that Feral Fixers has a "Wish List" Registry set up at Walmart. This makes donating specifically needed items to Feral Fixers easy - and they deliver!

To access our Walmart Gift Registry, just go to Walmart.com and click on the Registry->Wish List tab. Put the word "feral" in the first name field, put "fixers" in the last name field and click on "Find". You'll then be shown a new page with "FERAL FIXERS" shown as a Registrant. Just click on FERAL FIXERS and you'll be taken to a list of all the items we need (and how many we need of them). You can easily select what and how much to donate to us. And they deliver!

Thank you!

(Update- Walmart has changed how to access their Registry. For current instructions, visit our Want To Help -> Buy Something! web page)

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