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The Feral Blog
Written by Ted Semon   
Thursday, April 10, 2014

Feral Fixers brought in 32 more cats to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic to be fixed today. 29 of these cats were ferals while the other three were "friendly ferals".

Super-volunteer Charli helped me pick up the cats from Tammy's this morning and bring them to PAWS (Thanks Charli!) while super-volunteer Stacy helped me pick up the cats from PAWS late this afternoon and bring them back to Tammy's for recovery and distribution (Thanks Stacy!). And, as always, super-volunteer Judy was at Tammy's both this morning and this evening to help out with everything that goes on to make this industrial-sized operation continue (Thanks Judy!).

One of the ferals appeared to have an ear-tip (was hard to tell - the cat kept scrunching down in the trap), but we could find no trace of a Microchip. However, when PAWS sedated him, they were able to determine that a) she had been spayed, b) she was micro-chipped and c) she did have an eartip. So, 31 out of 32 cats were fixed on this trip.

Of the 31 cats fixed today, 16 were females with the other 15 being males - again a near 50-50 distribution. And with these 31 cats, Feral Fixers has now processed 47 cats for April, 188 cats for the year and 6,164 overall.

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The Feral Blog
Written by Ted Semon   
Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Feral Fixers President, Tammy McAuley, lets us know about the return of an old friend...

(Super-volunteer) Judy was trapping in Wood Dale, trying to get two females. A friendly male with an eartip kept getting in the way, so she went ahead and let him go in the trap. He is sooo friendly. We scanned him and he is Andre #4,000! He is just massive in size with beautiful medium length hair. We're going to hold onto him, he will need a foster of course, but he is that friendly that the next step is seeing if we can find a home for him. He'll be going for revaccinating & testing in the next few days. He was neutered in July of 2012 and has been living the good life it would appear. And, once again, those microchips, they are forever!

My original post about Andre can be found here. And, of course the picture thumbnail is of Andre - click on it to see a full-size version.

Welcome back Andre - here's hoping that you'll find your forever home very soon!

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The Feral Blog
Written by Ted Semon   
Sunday, April 06, 2014

For the entire month of April, Stella & Chewy's will donate a portion of their proceeds from their sales at Natural Pet Market and Animal Feeds & Needs to Feral Fixers. Stella & Chewy's create minimally-processed food and treats for both dogs and cats. Both Natural Pet Market and Animal Feeds & Needs have the best in grain-free, nutritious foods with helpful staff and great atmosphere!

There are no forms to fill out, no coupons to clip - just visit either or both of these stores, buy some products by Stella & Chewy's (which will surely be loved by your pets!) and help out Feral Fixers at the same time - Thank you!

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From The President
Written by Tammy McAuley   
Sunday, March 30, 2014

April 1st is the final day to make a matching donation to our With Faith, Anything is Possible Challenge Fundraiser. As of this writing, we have raised $1330.00 in matching funds – which is fabulous! Our goal is $3,000 so we have a way to go and times-a-wastin’ Many people donate close to a deadline – it's here now, so please donate! These funds will give us that financial buffer so that we can neuter 160 ferals without worrying about where the money is going to come from. We are still finding colonies of 20+ cats where the caretaker has no resources to donate towards their neuter. 20 x $35 and you can see how that money goes quickly!

April 1st is also the last day to submit your Holiday Card photos. We’ve received some beautiful submissions so far, but you might have the one that really speaks to us!

We hope you have the April 6th, Shop 4 Strays Bazaar on your calendars! We have a wide variety of vendors coming to sell their wares, our bake sale, door prizes, a cat tree raffle, we always have fun people to talk to and share with!

The temperature is finally getting above 40 degrees! The deadline for our Flower Power Grow Funds for Feral Fixers is coming up! They have beautiful plants that come directly to your door at the right time for planting – which should be soooooon! Please share this fundraiser with your plant-loving friends!

We’ve Begun TNR 2014!

If you follow us on Facebook or get our blog updates, you know that we have begun TNR on a limited basis. Mostly cats that had garages or heated shelters or were “in & out” cats, so we could be sure that they stayed healthy after neutering. Even so, we held onto them longer than usual so that we could be sure their systems were able to cope. Last year at this time a large number of the cats that we neutered were actually kittens & friendlies, this year, many more ferals, which is GREAT!

We’re starting off the year with fewer people able to tranport, fewer able to trap/coordinate caretakers, fewer able to foster kittens and adults. It's scary. All we can do is neuter our butts off and hope we come out ahead – no kittens born that then need fostering and adoption, which take away from our TNR time. If you know someone who has an SUV, van, etc., and has time during the week to transport into PAWS in the AM or pickup from PAWS in the PM, that would be a huge help! If you know someone who would welcome the chance to change the life of one of our friendlies and be part of saving even more cats, please ask them to contact us! If you know someone who enjoys the challenge of seeing a problem and literally FIXING it, we can expand their impact on the world by teaching them how to do TNR!

Lots of Events Lined Up!

We will be posting more information soon as we get more details, but look for us at the Elmhurst College Canine Carewalk (April 26th), the Shred4Rescues (6/21) event in Westmont, we will be having an adoption event at Kriser’s in Glen Ellyn (7/19), and much more. Stop and say “hi” when you see us! And if you would like to volunteer to help at these events, please let us know!

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Audios / Visuals of the Week
Written by TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsKatt   
Tuesday, June 05, 2012

I'm passing this along from our friends in San Francisco...

If you’re a fan of the TV show Portlandia and you’re a TNR advocate, here's a spoof video Catlandia, from the San Francisco SPCA that you're sure to enjoy!


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