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The Feral Blog
Written by Sue Lee   
Tuesday, November 13, 2018

There was an ebb and flow of busy times and slower times at our adoption event on Sunday, 11/11, at PetSmart in Wheaton, as part of the final PetSmart National Adoption Weekend in 2018. We had a crowd of potential adopters at the start of the event, then a lull, another burst in the early afternoon, followed by a lull, and then a final burst right near the end of the event.

21 kittens (Ashley, Ember, Baxter, Breezy, Bruce, Waves, Wazoo, Sugar Pie, Gala, Duncan, Duke, Yori, Java, Jasmini, York, Onion, Pasquale, Hazel, Winette, Winkie, Nabi) and 2 adult cats (Jasmyn, Hodges) were the stars of our show. Everyone behaved wonderfully and several won the hearts of adopters...

  • Onion was the pick of a wonderful couple from Wheaton. They had adopted a female kitten (Astrid) from us last year and were looking for a companion for her. Their updated application was approved on Monday, and they will be scheduling the adoption from Onion's foster home later this week.
  • Java and Jasmini won the heart of a nice young gal from Elburn, who had been pre-approved for adoption. These will be her first fur babies, and she was very excited. She is getting her place ready and will be picking them up later this week.
  • Nabi and Gala will be joining a terrific family in Naperville, who had also been pre-approved for adoption. The adopter is friends with the gal who originally contacted Feral Fixers about rescuing Nabi and her brother, Namji. Since they do not have other pets currently, they wanted a pair of kittens. So since Namji was already adopted, we thought that Gala and Nabi might work well together. Although they had never met, we decided to try them out in a crate together at the event. The kittens did great together and won the heart of the family. They are preparing their safe room and plan to pick up the girls next Sunday.
  • Duke was adopted by a great family from Itasca. They had adopted Rico Suave earlier, but he did not seem to be the best match for their family and their 2 older cats. Duke is a little older (6-7 months) and more independent and therefore a better match. We will be looking for a home for Rico with another young kitten.

So 6 adoptions will likely result from the event :-) We also received an application for Ashley and Ember, which is under review, and provided business cards to several other potential adopters.

Many thanks to PetSmart for hosting the event as well as a very generous donation of 20 cat beds in an assortment of colors!! These will be nice Christmas gifts for our fosters and adopters :-) Thanks also to an adopter and a TNR recipient who provided cat litter and food donations.

Adoptions have been steady outside of events as well. 8 kittens (Werther, Krissy, Kiwi, Glenna, Sirius, Acorn and Memphis & Moonbeam together) and 1 adult cat (Geneva) also found loving homes since our last adoption event.

Many thanks to the volunteers and fosters who made this event a success (Sara, Bonnie, Bernie, Steve, Marge & Murray, Candy, Amanda, Diane, Laura B, Erika, Gillian, Catherine/Nick, Michelle/Jeff). Special thanks to Sara, Bonnie, Bernie & Steve for helping start-to-finish with set-up, execution, and clean-up. Thanks also to Laura B, Diane, Marge & Murray, Candy, Amanda and Erika for staying during the event to interact with our guests and promote our wonderful kitties.

Many thanks for all of the other valuable contributions to this event - to Candy for the excellent photography & videography during the event; to Connie, Stephanie and Ted for promoting the event on our Facebook page and web site; to Bonnie & Steve for the professional-looking cage cards; to Debbie for the on-going updates to the Adoptable Cats & Kittens board; to Sara for helping with adoption counseling and paperwork; to Bernie for entering our adoptions in the PetSmart iPad; to Diane and Candy for helping with kitten transport for other fosters; to Sara for helping with the laundry; to Sara & Steve for coordinating our lunch run; to Gillian for the delicious pumpkin bread.

We will have 2 more adoption events before the end of the year on Saturday, 12/1 and on Saturday, 12/15. One is likely to be at PetSmart in Wheaton and the other at Bentley's in Elmhurst. Locations are still being finalized, so please stay tuned.



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The Feral Blog
Written by Tammy McAuley   
Saturday, November 10, 2018

Don't miss our Pampered Chef event on 11/13/18 and the ability to place orders online until November 26th!

Duncan checking things out
Update on ferals - we ended our feral season with a rush.

On 10/25 we went to PAWS with 5 ferals, one was rejected due to URI, resulting in 1 male and 3 females.

Also on 10/25 we sent 25 cats to DCAS, 23 ferals and 2 friendlies, of which 17 were males and 8 were females. That was an interesting day with one of the ferals trapped that morning and was able to be a late arrival and still get surgery.

Cats going to ADOPT
And, yes, on 10/25 we also went to ADOPT with 5 ferals and 4 friendlies. One feral was euthanized due to an extensive leg injury. Another was Acorn who raised his paw that very morning announcing that he was friendly and has become Facebook famous! There were 6 males and 2 females.

3 different s/n locations in one day! Whew!

On 11/1 we "only" went to two s/n locations.

Load to DCAS
We sent 2 ferals and 9 friendlies to ADOPT, with 2 of the friendlies already spayed - one of which was returned to their family, just two blocks away from the caretaker, she was so happy to see her brother dog - yea! We do that a lot. We neutered 6 males and 3 females.

We sent 27 ferals to DCAS, one of which was the black and white cat that his caretaker business planned to take in. Unfortunately he had many illnesses - FIV+, severe dental disease and a mouth tumor, there was no winning against those odds and he was euthanized. There were 6 males and a whopping 20 females from that trip.

On 11/8 we sent 3 friendlies and 1 feral to ADOPT, one male friendly was rejected due to URI symptoms, resulting in 2 males and 1 female for the day.

Load to DCAS - side door view
This brings us to 91 for October, 38 for November, 609 for the year so far and 10,926 since our start in 2007.

Many thanks to Charli, Debbie, Dedra & Laura for transporting so faithfully on all these trips!

Remember we are done trapping for the year but we still have a couple dozen kittens on hand that need neutering when old enough - will we get to 11,000 by year end? Stay tuned!

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The Feral Blog
Written by Sue Lee   
Tuesday, October 30, 2018

We had a wonderful assortment of 17 kittens (Baxter, Breezy, Bruce, Glenna, Wooley, Poppy, Posh, Tux, Watson, Pasquale, Hazel, Sirius, Winette, Winkie, Alonzo, Nabi, Namji) and 2 terrific adult males (Wesley, Topper) at our adoption event on Saturday, 10/27, at the Pet Supplies Plus on Ogden in Naperville. Although a few of the kittens, for whom this was their first event, were a bit frightened, everyone did a great job of showing their sweet personalities and interacting with our guests.

We were happy to be at a good location at the front of the store, visible to shoppers as they came in the door. Thanks to Pet Supplies Plus for hosting the event and providing a couple boxes of cat food donations!

2 pre-approved adopters as well as several prospective adopters visited with our kittens and cats. 3 kittens were adopted at the event by the pre-approved adopters and a number of business cards were distributed to prospective adopters.

  • Namji won the heart of a very nice family from Melrose Park. He will have 3 children to give him lots of love and attention.
  • Watson and Tux were the pick of a great couple from Glen Ellyn. They have a 1 yr old female cat for whom they were looking for a companion. They struggled with the decision of adopting 1 or 2 kittens, but ultimately they couldn't pass up either boy. Early reports indicate that the boys are doing very well, and the female cat is sniffing at the door of their room with great curiosity.

Adoptions have also been steadily proceeding outside of adoption events. 5 kittens were adopted since our adoption event a week ago (Murdock, Mocha, Rico Suave, Richard, Honey Crisp). More approvals are underway this week. We are very happy to see these kittens find loving homes, as there is now a steady stream of young kittens coming in as trapping winds down in anticipation of the cold weather.

Many thanks to the volunteers and fosters who made this event a success (Sara, Bonnie, Marge & Murray, Lauren, Diane, Joanie, Laura B, Cheri, Michelle/Jeff, Marisa). Special thanks to Sara and Bonnie for helping start-to-finish with set-up, execution, and clean-up, and to Marge & Murray for coming early to help with set-up - couldn't have done it without you! Thanks also to Diane, Joanie and Laura B for staying during the event to interact with our guests.

Many thanks for all of the other valuable contributions to this event - to Bonnie & Sara for the photography during the event; to Connie, Stephanie and Ted for promoting the event on our Facebook page and web site; to Bonnie for the excellent professional-looking cage cards; to Mike and Debbie for the on-going updates to the Adoptable Cats & Kittens binder and board; to Sara for helping with adoption counseling and preparing adoption paperwork; to Lauren for providing the Comfort for Critters blankets; to Diane and Joanie for helping with kitten transport for other fosters; to Sara for coordinating our lunch run and helping with the laundry.

Our next adoption event is during the final PetSmart National Adoption Weekend of the year. We will have our adoption event on Sunday, 11/11, at the PetSmart at 63 Rice Lake Square in Wheaton from 11am-3pm.



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From The President
Written by Tammy McAuley   
Tuesday, October 23, 2018

This has been a very hard year. Many changes, fewer volunteers, fewer hours to do the same amount of work. Ferals result in more friendlies, without more fosters, the flow in must be halted. Therefore, our feral surgeries will stop on 11/1. The friendlies we have on hand at that time will get their surgeries as they get old enough but no new kittens will be accepted after 11/1.

This is not easy to say “no”, but we are working with a limited resource – our time and our health. There has to be a reduction in workload somewhere so that the people involved in Feral Fixers can go on next year.

If you trap, you are responsible for arranging spay/neuter, contacting rescues for placement of any kittens/friendlies. You can contact DuPage County Animal Services, ADOPT Pet Shelter, Catnap From The Heart, PAWS, SPAY IL or your own local vet. We will not be doing any scheduling until the weather breaks in the Spring – around April most likely.

Two Girls & a Boy
Every shelter is currently full of cats and kittens. Despite our efforts, kittens are still being born and there are not enough adoptions. Rescues continue to bring cats in from out of area and out of state, further limiting our resources. Rescues continue to allow females to give birth, even when they are not sure how pregnant the female is – sometimes waiting almost the entire gestation period of 9 weeks.

We currently have 44 adoptable cats and kittens on our Petfinder page. We have more kittens that just came in and will have to be fostered and neutered before posting for adoption. Please share our adoptables with friends and family so that we can get our “new” friendlies into foster and on their own way to new homes!

30 Cats and more to come!
This post has some pics from today, 10/23. There are 30 traps and transfers in my garage, a few with multiple kittens inside because I ran out of traps on hand! Hopefully no one will poop on another’s head! Tomorrow a very few kittens will be going on to foster but the rest will most likely stay in traps for another few days until they can find a foster. Or be in a cage in my basement – not a bad place but not ideal. Fall kittens are kind of late this year, usually the rush is at the beginning of September, not towards the end of October.

Remember, we count on you, our “public” to speak for us, forward our adoption event information – this weekend, 10/27, tell people to fill out our adoption applications in advance, be pre-approved for that special cat that is coming their way! And bear with us during this year end, we want to be here, neutering our butts off next year!

October Trips

Since our last update, we have made 4 s/n trips and one single cat was neutered at Glen Ellyn Animal Hospital. In all, there were 36 ferals, 23 friendlies, with a few already neutered cats, there were a total of 54 surgeries for October so far, bringing the year’s total to 534 and the total since our beginning to 10,851. Many thanks to Charli, Debbie, and Dedra, for transporting cats this month! Couldn’t do it without you!

(Click on any of the picture thumbnails to see a full size picture)

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From The President
Written by Tammy McAuley   
Sunday, September 30, 2018

We’ve been so busy, we needed to promote our Wine & Whiskers event coming up on October 16th, there is still just a short time to register – we set our deadline as 10/1 to make sure we reached our minimum number of attendees. Our goal is at least 30, right now we have 15 people signed up, which meets the event criteria but we want to share this great event with more people! We have until 10/8 to submit our final, final count, don’t wait until the last minute! Enjoy good company, great wine!

Donation Collection Day

Advanced warning! The P.A.W.S. Club of Wheaton North High School will be doing a donation drive on Friday, October 5th at the Caputo’s located at North Avenue & Schmale Road in Carol Stream. Shop and drop donations off with the students, what could be easier? Cat food, paper towels, clay cat litter, Gerber Ham baby food, He fragrance-free laundry detergent are our greatest needs right now. We appreciate the kids putting forth this effort, please stop and thank them for us, too!

What Will The Next Two Months Bring?

This time last year we had done 673 cats for the year, so far in 2018 we have neutered 480. This reduction is due in part to fewer volunteers able to coordinate trapping but hopefully also due to reduced numbers of cats out there to be trapped. Only time will tell. Our goal is to neuter every cat we can in order to reduce overpopulation and euthanasia and to benefit as many cats and people as we can. The next two months are typically high numbers, we will see.

Our trip on 9/27 included two cats that had shown up in a colony, very friendly – they were already neutered and had no microchips. Another neutered cat that same day has been trying to live in a caretaker’s garage, we’re hoping he comes fully inside for the winter. Our 9/13 trip included a cat that was chipped but not neutered. That rescue has since stopped adopting unneutered cats out as adopters were not complying with getting the cats neutered, as per their contract. We finished up August with 26 more cats, 13 friendlies, 13 ferals, brining our total for the month to 110. In September we transported 21 more friendlies and 41 more ferals, 3 of which were already spay/neutered, bringing our September total to 59 and our yearly total to 480 and our total neutered since 2007 is at 10,797. Can you imagine the possibility of 11,000 cats neutered by the end of the year?

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Written by TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsKatt   
Thursday, November 02, 2017

Feral Fixers is "Jackson Galaxy Approved!"


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