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The Feral Blog
Written by Ted Semon   
Sunday, April 15, 2018

Feral Fixers is having a Fantastic Garage Sale!

If you have items to donate, please drop them off on the porch at 29 W 560 Butterfield Rd., Warrenville 5/12 to 5/18.

Then come back and shop on 5/19 from 8AM to 3PM. You never know what we will have for sale! Click here for an online viewable map and here for a downloadable version.

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The Feral Blog
Written by Sue Lee   
Tuesday, April 10, 2018

There was lots of good foot traffic at the Wheaton PetSmart for our adoption event on Saturday, 4/7. 9 cats and teenage kittens were the stars of our show:

  • Sweetie - Sweet and petite 10 mo old black girl who enjoyed being front and center and receiving attention from all of our guests.
  • Toasty - Gentle and loving ~1 yr old brown tabby girl who was a bit frightened by all of the commotion in the store.
  • Babette - Gorgeous ~5 yr old long fur gray & white Maine Coon mix girl, whose striking green eyes looked like they were outlined with eyeliner.
  • Wonder - Sleek and wonderfully sweet 11 mo old black boy who took refuge in his orange cat bed.
  • Charms - Delightfully charming 1.5 yr old black male who worked hard on trying to crawl under Wonder's bed! This was Wonder's and Charm's first adoption event, so they were trying to figure out what to make of it all.
  • Mary - Calm and easy-going 4 yr old brown tabby lady who enjoyed the attention and petting of her admirers.
  • Marnie - Beautiful ~7 mo old brown tabby girl with the softest fur.
  • Peony - Adorable ~9 mo old brown tabby with white girl with the most gorgeous green eyes.
  • Trixie - Cute and sweet ~11 mo old brown tabby girl, who curled up in her cat bed and enjoyed the petting she received.

Many families and couples came to meet our kitties. A few folks filled out adoption applications and others left their contact information. Follow-up is underway. One adopter has been approved so far and visits in the foster homes are planned.

A pre-approved mom and daughter from Glen Ellyn came with their dog to meet Sweetie. The meeting between Sweetie and the dog went quite well for a first encounter. A follow-up visit is scheduled.

The prior adopter of Noelle (brown Maine Coon mix kitten) stopped by and filled out a foster application. This is great, as fosters will be a key resource with the start of kitten season.

April and May are our slower months for adoptions, since we don't have young kittens available yet. However, we have been focusing on finding homes for our adults and have been quite successful. 12 adults (Chica, Polly, Jasmin, Princess, Eagle, Elf, Henri, Corn, Powell, Poppy, Bethany, Biju) and 4 kittens (Adam, Scooby, Scrabble, Larson) were adopted since our last event. This includes Biju, who has been waiting for a home for over 3 years, Eagle & Elf, who were targeted for relocation, but are now enjoying an indoor home in WI, as well as two of our FIV+ boys (Corn & Powell). Paperwork is also underway for the adoption of a third FIV+ boy (White Popcorn).

Many happy endings to celebrate!!

Thanks much to the volunteers and fosters who made this event possible, namely Bonnie, Sara, Julie, Diane, Jeff, Carmen, Rita and Cheri. Many thanks to Julie for the photography and videography during the event. Thanks to Connie and Stephanie/Ted for the great advertising and real time coverage of the event. Thanks to Mike and Debbie for the updates to the Adoptable Cats & Kittens binder and board. Thanks to Sara for the help with the laundry.

Out next big event is the Kitten Shower, which is scheduled for Sunday, 4/22, at the Villa Park VFW (39 E. St. Charles Rd.) from 12noon-4pm.

Our next adoption event will the weekend of May 19-20 at the Wheaton PetSmart. This is the second PetSmart National Adoption Weekend in 2018.



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The Feral Blog
Written by Tammy McAuley   
Thursday, March 29, 2018

Brady gettin' some lovin'
Time gets away from all of us, March is almost over and we haven't updated you on our activities!

On 3/1, we sent one feral male to ADOPT for s/n.

3/2, we used the spay/neuter clinic at CatNap From The Heart for the first time. They have one vet, one tech who has other duties and can handle 10 or so cats a day. They were able to take our one female feral on short notice who had been trapped on Thursday.

On 3/8, we sent 4 friendlies, 8 ferals, of which 8 were males and 4 were females to ADOPT.

3/9 - again, surprise cats were trapped on Thursday and CatNap came thru for us for 2 feral males.

Brady's leg
On 3/15 we sent 10 cats, 5 feral, 5 friendly of which 7 were female and 3 were male to PAWS. Among them was Sweetie - a kitten we received a call about from someone riding their bike in a park. They had no way to transport the cat, who, while extremely friendly, was definitely not up for a bike ride being held in someone's arms - thank you Cheri for zipping over to the park to get her!

11 ferals went to PAWS on 3/22, 8 females and 3 males. Among them was Fulton who hid the fact that he had a broken bone protruding from his rear leg. Ferals require much lengthier care for a leg amputation, they don't do well with a cone, medicating & care of the wound is extremely difficult and the infection was extensive so we opted for euthanasia. He came from a wooded area, other cats have had bird of prey injuries.

Brady's leg (another view)
Last week on 3/23, Brady went to Glen Ellyn to have his femoral head removed - called an FHO. Thru accident, the head of his femur was severely damaged and popped from its hip socket. The procedure removes the head and the ligaments and muscles take up the support that the joint usually does. Brady had been living with this for some time, the supportive tissue was already doing a great job and he was so relieved to be out of pain post surgery!!! The xrays are before and day of surgery. He is already at ADOPT Pet Shelter to be fostered and put up for adoption when he is fully recovered. While ADOPT has their own vet on staff, they did not have all the equipment necessary for such a procedure. Brady was also neutered when he had the surgery. We are so glad to have Glen Ellyn Animal Hospital as a resource. One of our volunteers, Julie, is doing a facebook fundraiser for her birthday and is asking for donations to help cover his surgery along with our daily costs.

Many thanks to Debbie, Charli, Dedra,, Laura, Linda & Mark for all of the transporting they have done for us to get these cats neutered!

For March, so far we have neutered 37 cats, 67 for the year and 10,384 since our beginning in 2007!

Right now we have 6 volunteers signed up for the Human Race on April 28th - you can run, you can walk, you can donate! You can go straight to the donation page for Feral Fixers - and help motivate our participants or become one yourself!

Don't forget to pre-register for our Kitten Shower on April 22nd!

Thank you all for supporting us!

(If you click on either of the XRay picture thumbnails, a full-size version of the picture will be shown. And, if you click on the picture thumbnail of Brady, you'll see a short video of him enjoying some attention.)

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From The President
Written by Tammy McAuley   
Saturday, April 07, 2018

It may not feel like it but April is here already and there is so much to do!

I'm not so sure about this...
There are two more trips to PAWS to report. On 3/29 we sent 13 cats, all ferals, of which 7 were males and 6 were females. Three of the ferals were being relocated thru the TreeHouse Cats At Work program. They were from a very inhospitable trailer park and very feral – they will do well. Carl is a feral that clearly wants to be friendly, he went to a foster and here are his pictures. He doesn’t look happy in the one photo but sure is lovin’ the petting. He is likely going to ADOPT for adoption. He’s FIV+, they do a wonderful job of finding just the right home for the FIV+ cats.

On 4/5 we sent 9 cats, of which 7 were ferals and two were friendlies, comprised of 6 females and 3 males. Again, three of the ferals are destined to participate in the TreeHouse CAW program. They couldn’t go back due to negative human neighbors and there were no other colonies to our knowledge for almost 2 miles around them for them to relocate themselves to. Of the two friendlies, the female had been inside for 2years and was finally getting spayed – a broken canine tooth was discovered during her exam and she will get that taken care of now that it has been discovered. The other friendly was a male that had been coming to the caretaker sporadically for a year and a half – Rudy will also go to ADOPT for adoption.

With these two trips, our March total is 50 and the start to April is 9, bringing our year total to 89 and our total since our beginning to 10,406. Many thanks to Charli and Dedra for transporting!

Kitten Shower

Speaking of lots to do – we’re getting ready for the Kitten Shower. Working on baskets and items for our Silent Auction and door prizes, as always there are unique items for your bidding pleasure! Watch our facebook as we will be posting some of our Silent Auction items as we get them ready. Planning on lots of great food – lighter fare, lots of salads and deserts will be there. Come join us and spend time with fellow cat lovers – pre-registration by mail or online is $10 and $15 at the door on the day. Limited number of gift bags will be given away (still working on them!) with lots of cat goodies. Learn about fostering and all the opportunities available to help Feral Fixers move forward. Come have a great time!

Human Race

This is the first year we are participating in the DuPage Human Race. We have 6 participants and have raised $150 of our $500 goal. Please help motivate our runner/walkers and raise funds for Feral Fixers. I just made a donation of $60 – anyone willing to match me? That’s $10 for each participant – wish it could be more! The Race is in three short weeks – lets make our first year memorable!!! For more information, please click here.


The search goes on. Who knew that finding a 3,000 sq ft, $300,000 building with 10+ parking spaces in Lombard or Villa Park – ish would be a lot of hard work? We’ve looked at a bunch of buildings and have learned a lot. We even found a ready-to-assemble building that would fit our needs if we get the right piece of land – so far land is really expensive! Please let us know if you have the right answer for us! We don’t have an active fundraiser right now but you can always make a donation to “Fund Our Ferals Future” anytime you would like. Thank you to all our donors who enabled us to surpass our goals for our recent Giving Grid fundraiser!!!


Our adoptions have been wonderful. There are cats that we have had in foster for over a year that are finding their forever homes! BUT, we still have many adults who are hoping to find a home before kittens arrive and push them out of the limelight! Many of them are deemed shy – translate that to being very selective in whom they bestow their affections upon! These are cats that would not do well in a typical shelter, much too busy, noisy for their tastes, they are letting us know up front that they know what they need, no false advertising here. Think about it, do you want an “in-your-face” type cat for the next decade or more? Do you want a companion that will share your space, give you space and be happy as can be doing so? Not all cats were meant to burrow under the covers and pop up in full purr and lick your nose at 6AM. We have those too, and we have had several cats returned for being too active and outgoing. Please give it some thought and consider our quiet adults who need a home just like yours to share with you!

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Audios / Visuals of the Week
Written by TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsKatt   
Thursday, November 02, 2017

Feral Fixers is "Jackson Galaxy Approved!"


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