May is slow and steady...
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Written by Ted Semon   
Thursday, May 07, 2009

I brought 3 cats into the PAWS-Chicago Spay / Neuter clinic today to get spay/neutered. I both dropped them off this morning and then picked them up this evening. With all of the transport volunteers that Tammy has been finding this is now a relatively rare occurrence for me!

We brought in 3 cats on May 3rd (I did the transport in and Jennifer picked them up), 7 more cats on May 5th (with Tammy doing the transport both ways) and 3 more today. So, no 'big' days yet this month (10 cats or more on a single day), but we're continuing a steady stream of cats being spayed/neutered. This gives us a total of 13 cats so far this month, 363 so far this fiscal year and 839 cats fixed overall since Feral Fixers began operations.


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