At least we're done with s/n!

We've made two more trips to ADOPT since the last blog. On 12/23/20, 16 friendlies, with 10 males and 6 females. On 12/30/20 – today, we sent in 2, one friendly and one was done as a feral as we don't know if she will tame but is getting the opportunity to try – a male and a female. These 18 bring us to 49 for the month of December, 764 for the year and 12,449 since our beginning in 2007.

Of those 764 cats this year, 294 were neutered at ADOPT, 457 were neutered at DCAS, 10 at PAWS and the rest thru Glen Ellyn. With COVID19, isn't it miraculous that we were able to do that many cats??? Last year we did 714 cats in the whole year.


Our 2020 Not So Bad T-shirt did very well for a first time out and short notice!

We're down to the wire on the Black Cat Giving Tuesday fundraiser as I write this. As always, our donors have really stepped up to donate and we've more than matched the funds! It is great to see the pictures of alumni and the written posts are great, too! We were really worried about our financial future but this helps a lot!

The 2021 Feral Fixers Happy New Year! Raffle has gotten off to a good start and we hope to see many more ticket purchases over the next two weeks. The cut-off is January 12th so make your selection soon! So many times we have heard at Frosty Claws that people would like to have more of a chance on some of the larger items. Here you go!

The Building

We've passed a first hurdle of an Occupancy Permit! We still have so much to do to enable us to move in and use the building on a daily basis but we're getting there. One issue was a safety rail on the roof – its to protect workers as they maintain the HVAC units up there. Our contractor got a deal on eBay – unused and $500 – a huge savings! Remember the big hole between the building and the ramp? Now filled, protecting the foundation, and will be ready for planting in the Spring. Next, we will be working on the adoption rooms – cages will be needed for the ISO room and Transition room – those are NOT cheap! Yep, more building fundraising in the future!

Messages this year:

So many personal messages this year, they are greatly appreciated. Wish we could thank you all individually! These are a representation of just a few of the notes of appreciation we have received. They mean so much to us!

"I adopted my cat after the death of my loved one. He has given me incredible joy and companionship. Thank you so much for the great work you do."

"Merry Christmas to you and all the kitties! Thank you for being there when we needed help with ferals. Warm wishes."

"Merry Christmas, Happy New Year! Thank you for your help with our trapped feral when everyone else was closed during lockdown. Stay well."

"Dear FF staff, we'll always be grateful to FF for helping Stratford Lakes."

End Of The Year Shut Down

Our trapping is shut down and we are only responding to emergencies at this time. We've helped people get shelters for those cats who are still out there needing TNR – I just don't know how they do this out South, all year long! The phone calls are actually much longer as you are telling someone "No" and trying to offer them suggestions on how to keep the ferals healthy thru the Winter. In almost every case, the callers are very appreciative of the advice – much more so than in the past! And the hope of being able to possibly do something maybe at the end of March makes a difference. The phone is going to blow up then! We never know what the weather is going to be around here, so some additional patience might be necessary. The hope is to trap like crazy before kittens arrive, spread the word!

Wishing you the Best Possible New Year!

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