Today we closed on our building!

What a long process!  Looking back at emails, we started looking at buildings LAST February!  So much time spent on looking, trying to find the right fit.  Our first visit to this building was last April!

We would like to express our extreme gratitude to one member of the team that got this done.  Last January, when she attended Frosty Claws, we had an offer from one of our supporters, Danna Horton, a lawyer with Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP in Chicago to help us with our process.  Danna, her team and Katten, are the reason we have been successful.  Hours and hours of work have been pro-bono.  So many details that we or most lawyers might have missed and has saved us so much in negotiations and closing costs.  Danna wished to adopt one of our cats but found that she was too allergic and is doing so much to support Feral Fixers while using her incredible talents for our benefit.

As our process goes on, we will be thanking the other contributors to Feral Fixer's success.  It is a long list and we wanted to get started!

And always, thank you to our donors!  You have all made such a difference!



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