Frosty Claws

Thank you to everyone who made it out to our 2020 Frosty Claws Fundraiser on Sunday!  We did not know what to expect in attendance but we had a very full room!  So many happy people with smiling faces!

I really thought we would be short of Silent Auction and Door Prize items but it seems to have been the perfect amount.  Everyone enjoyed the food and each other's company.

We thank the attendees for their generosity and also the people who could not attend, yet sent donations!  It is so rewarding to throw a party and have great guests who participate and succeed in enjoying themselves!

We announced our building purchase plans – we are at the beginning of the building purchase, closing is several months away, and many details are still in planning, the crowd was very excited that we are going to be moving forward!

Banfield Bans Declawing

The Banfield Feline Declaw Position Statement states that they do not support elective declawing (removal of normal digits) of any animal.  Saying that current evidence does not support the use of elective declawing surgery as an alternative to relinquishment, abandonment, or euthanasia.  Aligning with the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) 2017 Declawing Position Statement and current bans in various US cities and municipalities.  Declawing includes surgical onychectomy, digital flexor tendonectomy, or phalangectomy, including surgical procedures performed with a laser.  Surgical declaw is only performed when declawing is determined to be medically necessary as part of a comprehensive treatment plan to relieve pet pain or illness.  This does not apply to the removal of dewclaws.

(This information is to let people know that there are veterinary practices that do not advocate declawing, this is not an advertisement for Banfield, we have not received anything in return for sharing this information.  We hope that more veterinary practices eliminate declawing procedures that are not medically necessary.)

April 15th is the last day for Photo Contest Entries

We received so much positive feedback from our 2019 Holiday card.  Entries for 2020 are due by April 15th, please share your pics of ferals, living their lives outside!  Must clearly show eartips and snow.  The better the resolution, the more likely we will be able to use your photos.  Snow is still on the ground today with more in the forecast.  Get some joy out of our Chicagoland winters by sharing your feral buddies! Any entries may be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Project Pet FUNdraiser

Sign up for our painting fundraiser on February 16th at Pinot's Palette in Elmhurst.  You can submit a photo of your pet, Pinot's Palette will trace that onto a canvas prior to the event.  Come have some wine and paint a lasting memento of your pet.  We need a minimum of 20 attendees to hold the event.  Sign up soon! at or call 630-359-4500 for more information by February 6th.  Hope to see you there!

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