Feral Fixers brought 41 cats to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic in two trips over the past several days, one on Saturday, September 6th and one on Thursday, September 11th. Tammy gives us the details of the trips:

September 6th

PAWS was open an extra day in order to make up for being closed on 9/14 for Mexican Independence Day - a huge parade and celebration that the clinic is right in the middle of.

We sent 8 ferals, 2 females and 6 males. Pretty much easy peasy, no issues, injuries or surprises. Charli delivered in the AM and Dedra picked up.

September 11th

We had a total of 33 cats on Thursday, 19 ferals and 14 friendlies. Charli and Jennifer did the AM run and Dedra and Cathi (first time!) picked up in the PM. Of the 33, 17 were female and 16 were male. Buster's caretaker had been wanting to trap him for some time because he had an injury - it just hadn't worked out. He was kind enough to let a colony pal, Jedi, get trapped before him, but when the caretaker put the trap out next for him he just went in and laid down - like it was time, let's go. He not only had a burst abscess on his throat - about 3 square inches worth, but a large red mass on his right front paw about the size of a robin's egg. He had the steady gaze of a cat that was willing to do whatever it took to make the transition to being inside, too. Everything fell into place, PAWS had enough time to do the extra work on him, cleaning up and stitching up his throat, allowing room for drainage as it healed and removing the mass from his paw - you could not even tell that he had a wound there at all, the stitching was precise! Buster did test FIV+ but even with these wounds, he's looking pretty good. His caretaker had a cage all set up for his recovery when she picked him up from us and he was impatient to get there! looking at us with total disgust as we kept on talking! let's go! This is just one of the innumerable cats that PAWS has gone the extra for in our history with them!

Thanks Tammy!

And thanks to super-volunteers Charli, Dedra, Charli (again!), Jennifer, Dedra (again!) and Cathi (first time with transport - thank you!).

As all of us at Feral Fixers have said on many occasions, PAWS ROCKS - they really are superstars!

These two trips give us a total of 55 cats for September, 873 cats for the year and 6,849 overall.


Tomorrow, Monday, September 15th, is the last day to donate to our As If They Were Own Fundraiser! If you haven't made a donation until now and you want to help us continue to help the cats like Chatter and Tillman and all the other "special cats" that we come across in our efforts, please donate now. No amount is too small - every bit helps.

Thank you for helping us help the cats!

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