This past Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Feral Fixers made three more trips to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic, bringing in cats to be spayed/neutered. For these three trips, we brought in a total of 81 cats to PAWS. Trip details:

  • On Tuesday, we brought in 10 cats; 2 ferals and 8 friendlies. I did the morning trip and super-volunteer Dedra did the evening trip. All 10 cats were fixed this day.
  • On Wednesday, we brought in 25 cats; 2 ferals and 23 friendlies. Feral Fixers Board member Kurt did the morning trip and super-volunteer Dedra did the evening trip. 2 of the friendlies were deemed to be too ill for surgery, so 23 cats in total were fixed this day.
  • And on Thursday, we brought in 46 cats; 8 ferals and 38 friendlies. Super-volunteer Dedra and I jointly did the morning trip and super-volunteer (super-hero!) Dedra and I jointly did the evening trip. All 46 cats were fixed this day.

Thanks Kurt! Thanks, thanks, thanks Dedra! And of course, thank you to super-volunteer Judy who was at Tammy's for most of the morning and evening 'events', helping out with everything that needed doing.

A grand total of 79 cats were fixed on these three trips (and we could have sent in more if we had the slots at PAWS to fit them in!). They'll just have to wait until we start up again in late August. Of these 79 cats, 40 were males and 39 were females - as close to a 50/50 split as one could get.

You'll note that the great majority of these cats were friendlies. These were almost all Kittens that have been fostered and will now be available for adoption. We run into this 'kitten deluge' every year, unfortunately. Hopefully, somewhere down the road, their numbers will begin to diminish.

With these 79 cats, we did a total of 248 cats in July, a new monthly record. Our yearly total now stands at 724 and our overall total stands exactly at 6,700. Since our Celebrate 5500 event late last year, we've had an additional 1,200 cats fixed!

And speaking of records, the PAWS clinic set a new monthly surgery record for July - doing a total of 1,906 spay/neuter surgeries! That's awesome in anyone's book!

So, no more surgeries / trips to PAWS until the week of August 17th.

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