While reviewing our 2013 Spay/Neuter totals, Tammy noticed that we did not include four cats - these cats had not been brought to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic but for various reasons had been brought to the Glen Ellyn Animal Hospital for their surgery. Two of them were done in January, one in March and one in June. The three in January and March were Friendly Ferals while the one in June was a true Feral.

Also, on Sunday, January 12th, Feral Fixers sent in one cat to PAWS to be fixed. Feral Fixers Director Kurt picked up the cat from Tammy's and brought it to PAWS and then picked up the cat from PAWS and brought it back to Tammy's for recovery. This cat was a feral, not something we would normally do in January, but this cat is staying in a garage. Thanks Kurt!

This brings our 2013 totals up to 1,243, our 2014 totals up to 17 and our overall totals to 5,993.

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