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Written by Sue Lee   
Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Last weekend was action packed with adoption activity as we had adoption events both days. On Saturday, 10/7, we were at the Pet Supplies Plus in Villa Park, as part of Pet Supplies Plus National Adoption Weekend. On Sunday, 10/8, we were at Congregation Etz Chaim Jewish Synagogue in Lombard for their Mitzvah Day celebration. Both were new venues for us, so it was a refreshing change of pace.

We had a nice spot at the front of the Villa Park Pet Supplies Plus store on Saturday with lots of light from the windows. Foot traffic was a bit light during the event, although we were visited by two pre-approved adopters, which resulted in two adoptions. We also accepted two new applications at the event, which will likely result in an additional adoption. A promising foster application was also received, offering help in the January time frame. A few Feral Fixers supporters stopped by to see our kitties and one provided a generous donation. The weather held out nicely for us during the event. That is until it was time to pack up my van, at which point a heavy rain shower with strong winds blew in, making packing up a bit of a challenge.

Sunday was a gorgeous day for our event at Congregation Etz Chaim Jewish Synagogue. The Synagogue generously rented an RV for us to house our adoptable kittens during this outdoor event. This helped to lower their stress level, as well as mine, as we could safely transfer the kittens between carrier and cage and allow potential adopter interaction with the kittens in the enclosed RV. It was Mitzvah Day at the Synagogue and they had scheduled many activities aimed at helping a variety of charities. Attendance was good at the event including many well-behaved children who came by to meet our kitties. The Congregation was very welcoming to us, providing lunch and snacks. It was a fun-filled day, as well as a productive day, as we completed one adoption during the event, and collected contact information from other potential adopters. We also received a few generous donations.

Across these two events we showcased 29 of our kittens (Bear, Freckles, Pirate, Sweden, Swiss Miss, Granita, Parker, Pax, Anemone, Angela, Aviva, Trixie, Popcorn, Toasty, Benson, Beatrix, Belize, Bechamel, Benchley, Belmont, Plexi, Plink, Magenta, Cerulean, Becky, Bernadette, Vernon, Lucy, Ginger) and 3 adults (Cindy Lou, Henri, Brodie). Everyone did very well, especially the kittens at the event on Sunday (Magenta, Cerulean, Becky, Bernadette, Vernon, Lucy and Ginger), who received the attention of many interested children.

3 kittens were adopted during these events:

  • Bechamel went home with a wonderful family from Crystal Lake. He will have 2 other cats and a dog to keep him company.
  • After careful consideration of several of our kittens including visits in their foster homes, a great gal from Villa Park decided on Granita as her new kitten companion. She has 2 other female cats as well. She will be picking up Granita from his foster home later this week.
  • Vernon won the heart of a terrific couple from Naperville, as he reminded them of the wonderful cat they lost this summer. He will have a young male cat and an older female cat as companions. Vernon will be transitioning to his new home next weekend.
  • An application was also received for Cindy Lou at the event on Saturday by a wonderful family from Wheaton who adopted a handsome Himalayan mix cat from us in 2013. Their application was quickly approved and they are scheduled to pick up Cindy Lou later this week.
  • 5 more kittens were adopted during the week since our last event (Beethoven, Buzz, Baby Ruth, Korrie, Sabine) - yeah!!

Many thanks to all of the volunteers and fosters who made these two events a success - Lauren, Candy, Sara, Bernie, Debbie, Christine, Laurel, Jennifer, Diane C, Marjorie, Diane L, Shawna, Karen, Laura, Michelle, Catherine, Kaitlyn, Jillian, Samantha, Marilyn. Your cooperation and engagement are truly appreciated. Special thanks to the folks who endured the wet weather on Saturday during clean-up (Laurel, Sara, Lauren, Debbie, Christine) and to the volunteers who managed all of our young guests at the event on Sunday (Candy, Lauren, Bernie).

Much appreciation also to all of the behind the scenes contributors including Candy & Sara who handled the photography & videography, Connie & Ted for the Facebook and web site advertising and real time coverage, Lauren for creating the many cage cards and participating in both events, Sara & Mike for updating the Adoptable Cats & Kittens Board & Binder, Candy & Sara for helping with the laundry, and Debbie for transporting cats home from the Saturday event.

Last weekend was truly a team effort - great job everyone!

Our focus shifts next weekend to our celebration of 10K spay/neuters, 1K adoptions and our 10 year anniversary at the Villa Park VFW Hall on Sunday, 10/15. By the time of the event, we will likely have completed over 1130 adoptions since we received our IL Dept of Ag shelter license in June 2013!! Many, many lives saved from the danger of life outdoors :-)

Our next two adoption events are:

  • Saturday, 10/21, 11am-3pm at the PetSmart at 63 Rice Lake Square in Wheaton
  • Sunday, 11/12, 11am-3pm at the PetSmart at 63 Rice Lake Square in Wheaton - this is PetSmart National Adoption Weekend




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